If you saw the film, SERVING IN SILENCE, you know about my challenge of the military's anti-gay policy prior to the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law of 1993. If you read my autobiography, also entitled,SERVING IN SILENCE, written with Chris Fisher, and published in 1994 you "got the rest of the story" - as far as it went to - 1994. You saw, heard, and had snippets of life in our home and met the key immediate family members. So let me give you some updates.

I was discharged from the military losing all military privileges. We filed a law suit in Federal Court and 25 months later I won that suit and was reinstated in the military. According to my commander, it was as though I had never been discharged. I served one more year in reserve status with the Washington State National Guard and then went on inactive status for two additional years. I retired in 1997 with full privileges having served a total of 31 1/2 years.

Diane has always been my staunchest supporter, and has put up with a whole lot of "stuff," over the past 21 years. I am including her bio with mine on this site because she has had such a wonderful, creative and meaningful career before our paths ever crossed, and got snagged and connected with mine.

Diane is one of those rare people who is ravenously interested in everything. In her retirement she has developed a passion for understanding the historical Jesus and the origins of the Bible. I certainly have learned more than I ever knew I might be interested in. Her other hobbies include collecting things, (old "goodies" a.k.a. "uglies"), tapestries, carpets, textiles, art, and it seems to go on and on. She taught a humanities course at the local community college. She got involved in rejuvinating the Visual Arts and Arts and Crafts portions of the Island County Fair and ultimately because President of the Fair Association to stimulate her creative mind.

My eldest son Matt, with his wife and five children, has finished his education with dreams of being a project manager. His creative mind and expertise in design make him a CAD buff. He loves to create both as a creative designer and photographer, and the computer gives him a way to experiment with those ideas. He is a consultant and creates illustrations for company manuals and those strange booklets we all get with the do-it-yourself projects. For the past several years he has been doing remodeling for our Adult Family Home which opened in January 2006.

David, his wife and his three sons and daughter, are avid outdoors and sports folks. Becky is a speech therapist and currently working with David in his fly-fish business. David finished a Masters Degree in Business while working full time for the Railroad. In addition to hunting, fishing and kids' sports, David makes those strange gizmos that go on the fish hooks with the funny feathers and little multicolored balls that you can buy in the fish and tackle stores. His business is booming as he now has a company making those gizmos in the Phillipines and he sells them in sports outlets here at home. Quite amazing.

Andy and his wife, Elicia, just finished building a new house and were busy making that into a new home. Andy was a trained mechanic, could fix anything that has moving parts. He did elevator repair work prior to his death. He was everyone's best friend and could fix anything. Elicia is a registered nurse and worked primarily in the premature intensive care nursery prior to Andy's death. They both loved the outdoors and spent a lot of time four-wheeling and snowmobiling through the hills and dales. . ANDY WAS KILLED 2 MAR 07 while out with his wife snow mobiling. He died instantly after being catapulted into a ravine when his ski cut into a hazards sign buried under the snow.

Three years later Elicia is moving on with her life and we embrace her new beau. She will forever be our daughter in law. And I weep with grief at losing Andy. Losing a son, brother, husband at the age of 32 never gets better.

Tom finished his two years of college before he helped me with my political campaign in 1998. He was also my producer when I had a radio internet talk show. Not only does Tom do extraordinary concrete finishing work, is a surveyor, he also is project director for a large construction company. October 2009 Tom married Julie and became father to her son Alex. Now they are creating their dream in a new home, with dogs and lots of yard work.

And then there are the ten grandkids. The wonderful part of being a grandparent is that those kids come and go and grow and our job is to love them, spoil them and provide our own unique form of discipline. You may recall from my autobiography that not only was I raised in Norway but my sons all were raised speaking Norwegian as their first language. When the grandkids came along, I became Bestemor (best mother, grandmother), and Diane, who had been dubbed "Dud" by Andy in 1989, is known as Bestedud. And with that of course I smile because Diane is so much a grandmother in the eyes of my sons and their children.

In March 2004, Diane and I were married by a judge in Portland, Oregon. It was one of the most exciting experiences, it really made us feel different, like others after having been together for 15 years. The devastation was losing that "legitimacy" when the Supreme Court of Oregon ruled that the marriages "never took place".
But we still have the certificate on the wall, and the grandkids were all there at our Episcopalian wedding and blessing. So we take the small gifts and hope to build on them in the future. Then on July 23, 2007, we registered as Domestic Partners in the State of Washington, one step at a time

updated 4/10

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