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Lesbian Podcast interview

Mark Withrow
A way for ALL proud Veterans to publicly share their story of service to our country, each and every Veterans and Memorial Day.

Intersex the unspoken sexual minority
The Intersex Society of North America (ISNA) is a nonprofit advocacy group working on behalf of people with intersex conditions. ISNA's mission is to end shame, secrecy, and unwanted genital surgeries for children born with atypical reproductive anatomies. In the U.S. alone, five children are subject to harmful surgeries every day. ISNA advocates an ethically sound, patient-centered approach to intersex treatment, and works directly with health care professionals to change medical practices. ISNA also engages in public education efforts to end the idea that intersexuality is shameful or freakish.

Pritzker Military Library
Extensive private military library and more, available to public.

American Veterans for Equal Rights
A national, chapter-based volunteer organization comprised largely of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender veterans representing each of the military services

Human rights Campaign's Documenting Courage Project
HRC joins SLDN and AVER to recognize the ctributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender veterans through this project through which GLBT Veterans share their personal stories

Killing of a soldier
Parents tell the story of their son murdered in the military. The military cover up is a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

Library of Congress's Veterans History Project
History Project collects and preserves audio-and video-taped oral histories, along with documentary materials such as letters, diaries, maps, photographs, and home movies, of America's war veterans and those who served in support of them. This project includes stories of gay and lesbian Veterrans from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the first Gulf War.

Military Community Services Network
Firsty social support structure for gay troops and their families. Tony Smith, Director MCSN POBox 2963 Arlington, VA 22202-0605

Military Education Initiative
New Gays in the military project reaches out to hundreds of Veterans Service Organizations and Military Associations to enhance their understanding of the gays in the military issue. There is a special Resource Guide with response to 64 most frequently asked questions. Director: Jeff Cleghorn, 1570 Monroe Drive, Suite F, Box #615, Atlanta, GA 30324-5022; tel 404 815 1363

Out of Step autobiography by Lee Watton
Pre DADT story of young navy women coming to terms with themselves, being hounded by the Navy, and ultimately discharged because they were lesbians. Charming.

Transgender American Veterans Association

Veterans United for Truth

Vietnam book reflects lives of women
The Healing Power of Truth