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This section of resources represents only a tiny fraction of the websites and organizations that may offer support and services that might assist you in your quest. If you know of others that might be helpful to anyone coming to my web site, please let me know so I may include them as links and references.

The web is an exciting place to explore and also needs to be used with caution. The military, employers and others may have access to your computer in the future, so use due diligence as you surf sites which may put you in jeopardy. For example, there have been military personnel investigated for going to gay web sites. Since the Patriot Act, there may be added scrutiny and your computer may be taken and all sites revealed. Just be careful. And get the help you are seeking, especially if you are part of the GLBT community dealing with the military or if you are a GLBT youth searching and needing help and support living in an unfriendly environment.

I hope this site and these resources can be of help.

- Grethe