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"....learning that change occurs when people are willing to take a stand and be counted".                      G. Cammermeyer

Website Mission:  


After challenging the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, running for Congress and becoming involved in politics, this web site is created to provide a forum for my opinions on anything I want.  


My efforts on issues of social justice has provided experiences of learning that change occurs when people are willing to take a stand and be counted.  From that perspective I have come to know organizations and processes for using available resources to “fight the system” when it is wrong.  


As a senior citizen with years of experience in the military and health care I have a fund of knowledge that may offer some solace and support to those struggling and wanting another’s perspective.  


This site will have a plethora of subjects which may have relevance or interest and I take the prerogative to include on this web site.  

Website Updates as of 2 Jun 18

Added new songs & story of                      "The Hip"

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Grethe's Latest Venture:















Chaos is a song of action and hope amidst despair and uncertainty.  

A year ago Chaos was a buzz word of our experience under a new president.


Today Chaos is the daily twitter feeds which now governs our land. We must survive.

Sing along with the chorus:


  "Chaos is a condition created by a fool

   Who hopes to get his way by uprooting other's rule

   In time we learn the lesson, march in our streets

   Make our voices heard and reclaim our country"


CHAOS - Grethe Cammermeyer
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