"Live Your Truth"
                       G. Cammermeyer
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After challenging the military's anti-homosexual policy, then the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law, working for marriage equality, running for Congress and becoming involved in politics I use this web site as a platform to discuss relevant issues. As a nurse I will also focus on health issues particularly as it involves aging, COVID-19 and end of life planning.

Our future is up to us.  We must remain vigilant not to lose rights to control our body, to vote, to serve in the military, and to feel safe from bias based on human characteristics. 


Be the change agent. Become informed, be an outspoken champion of truth, run for public office and vote. 



New Beginnings


A new year brings new hope for revival of truth, lawfulness, mutual respect, protection of our environment, federal response and direction to control the COVID-19 pandemic.


Truth, transparency and science will be the new norm to overcome the distrust created during the past four years.  This is really a time for a new beginning and I can't wait to see how we thrive. 

One Truth


We enter a new era of governance for the people, by people like us who are the intergenerational, intermingling of people from all walks of life, all races, religions, unique sexual orientations and gender identity, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


New Website Format as of March 20, 2021

"Did You Ever Imagine "

         Tribute to those on the front line.