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"Live Your Truth"
                       G. Cammermeyer
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After challenging the military's anti-homosexual policy, then the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law, working for marriage equality, running for Congress and becoming involved in politics I use this web site as a platform to discuss relevant issues. As a nurse I will also focus on health issues particularly as it involves aging and end of life planning.

Our future is up to us.  We must remain vigilant not to lose rights to control our body, to vote, to serve in the military, and to feel safe from bias based on human characteristics. 

Be the change agent. Become informed, be an outspoken champion of truth, run for public office and vote. 


Once Again


WAR: Just when it looks like COVID pandemic will resolve  Putin attacks Ukraine and the world is at war. It is the world because NATO must also defend its borders. 


HORROR:  Hate mongering by insecure, indoctrinated puppets continues to infest the US. How does killing children cure the emotional insecurity of a shooter?  How does killing Asians or Blacks make a white shooter bigger, better, stronger?

Have we totally lost our moral compass and humanity as we even tolerate these events without action? .

Why are assault guns of war available as civilian toys? Why not reinstitute an assault weapon ban?  Why does a magazine need 30 bullets?  Won't 10 be enough to kill a deer or hit a target? Why does a caretaker need a background check but not someone to buy a gun?  Why does the NRA  lobby pay to play with politicians? How can pro-life mean pro-gun?


WOMEN's BODIES: Why do I, as a woman, no longer have a say over my own body? Where is my human dignity and right to life? 

TRUTH: There is no alternative to truth no matter how many times lies are repeated.  It will be our demise if we turn lies into truths and we no longer trust what we know is TRUTH.

"Did You Ever Imagine "

         Tribute to those on the front line.

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