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"Living your truth will set you free"
G. Cammermeyer




After challenging the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, working for marriage equality, running for Congress and becoming involved in politics I use this web site as a forum to discuss issues of social justice. 


This site will have a plethora of subjects which may have relevance or interest and I take the prerogative of what to include on this web site.

Currently, we must be vigilant of efforts to undermine rights based on gender, woman's control over her own body, race, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Such efforts require being informed, involved, outspoken, volunteering, running for public office and voting. With joint efforts we will persevere and succeed for social justice. 

Website Updates as of February 14, 2020

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Songwriting and

Singing Ventures



Chaos is a rallying song of action, hope and resilience amidst despair, uncertainty, corruption and retaliation.  

For three years we have been governed by tweets and chaos, and wag the dog.

This will be our year to persevere and succeed in taking back our country and reestablishing democracy

Sing along with the chorus:

 "We will survive

 Yes we will survive

 Chaos is a condition created by a fool

 Who hopes to get his way by uprooting other's rule

  In time we learn the lesson, march in our streets

  Make our voices heard and reclaim our country"

ChaosGrethe Cammermeyer