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"Live Your Truth Openly"
          G. Cammermeyer

It Will Set You Free

Living your truth becomes more challenging when you add openly.   Living a hidden life believing no one knows who you are is delusional and tragic.  It denies you and others the opportunity to know the real you and share your life.  It also undermines any relationship since you don’t trust them enough to share your truth.  Is that real friendship?


Colonel Edward Ryan, age 85, died 1 June 2024.   In his self-written obit he regrets not having the courage to come out as gay because he was afraid of being ostracized by family friends and co workers.  He writes:  “I was gay all my life”… had 25 years together with the love of my life…”  


Live you truth openly.  It will set you free.


Points to Ponder


Restrict Munitions: Why do we restrict munitions for self-defense against foreign invasion while sending munitions to a country that drops bombs on civilian refugees? Why not give Ukraine what they need to thwart the Russian invasion, the world has everything to gain and nothing to lose?  Why not require that peace be negotiated for the sake of refugees and hostages while limiting offensive use of munitions from US?

Assualt Weapons: Why are assault guns of war available as civilian toys? Why not reinstitute an assault weapon ban?  Why does a magazine need 30 bullets?  Won't 10 be enough to kill a deer or hit a target? Why does a healthcare worker need a background check but not someone to buy a gun?   How can pro-life mean pro-gun?


Women's Bodies: Why do I, as a woman, no longer have a say over my own body? Where is my human dignity and right to life? 

Truth: There is no alternative to truth no matter how many times lies are repeated.  It will be our demise if we turn lies into truths and we no longer trust what we know is TRUTH.​                                                                                                                                                                                    6-2024                                                                                             

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