"Live Your Truth"
G. Cammermeyer

After challenging the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, working for marriage equality, running for Congress and becoming involved in politics I use this web site as a forum to discuss issues of social justice. 


This site will have a plethora of subjects which may have relevance or interest and I take the prerogative of what to include on this web site.

Currently, we must be vigilant of efforts to undermine rights based on gender, woman's control over her own body, race, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Such efforts require being informed, involved, outspoken, volunteering, running for public office and voting. With joint efforts we will persevere and succeed for social justice. 

"Did You Ever Imagine This"

A viral pandemic, social unrest and protests and

political upheaval give us the opportunity to be responsible, reactive and involved.  


If we walk in the shoes of someone not us, we

can break stereotypes, we can calm the

turmoil and create a more just society.  

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Click on shoes to read the "Walk In My Shoes" essay 

The danger of one man without restraint creates havoc and has undermined 

democracy in the USA


Democracy will not survive another

term.  VOTE for Democrats

down the whole ballot


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