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Song Writing 

It is amazing what happens during retirement.  For the past six years Tret Fure has had a guitar and songwriting bootcamp at our place on Whidbey Island. Two summers ago I was nudged to actually participate in the song writing effort. I bought a uke-guitar and have been writing songs ever since. Some are now up on this web site with more coming.


With a help from Tret, Diane, Friends and the Rhythm Bitches it is an exciting new venture. Periodically there will be new songs here for your “listening pleasure”.

"The Hip"

The Hip - Grethe Cammermeyer and Leslie Woods
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My Hip Odyssey

In the summer of 2017 I really was tilted in my walking.  Diane, my spouse had hip replacement surgery in 2015, recovered and up in no time.  I presumed I would have the same post op course. 



Evidently the prosthetic device caused a reaction with my body, it was replaced and the same response.  By the 3rd surgery I had a concrete spacer in place, could not walk on the leg for three months, and had 6 weeks of antibiotics.  Finally, after 5 ½ months and my 4th surgery, I had a working hip without ANY complications.

Two friends, Stefani and Sue moved into the house, made dinner every night, did wound changing, provided night coverage for a resident we had in our home and became family.

Hence The Hip became a song to capture the six months of confinement.


PS.  Dr. W. & his team did the repair work and received a copy of the words and song. Dr. W. grinned from ear to ear as he listened to the recording. 

Stryder Tells

Stryder Tells - Grethe Cammermeyer
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Adopting a rescue dog helps fill the void after the loss of a beloved pet.  They bring with them an unknown history.  Working to provide safety and comfort takes patience and vigilance.  Stryder came from a hoarder's small home with 30 other dogs. Everyday I learn something new with Stryder.  This song is about him, his antics, and his love.

"Mother's Mom"

Mother's Mom - Grethe Cammermeyer
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My generation and those considered 'baby boomers' are experiencing the challenges of caring for one or both of our parents. The song reflects on being "My Mother's Mom".