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Surviving the Silence.  


This is the documentary film of Colonel Pat Thompson and her (now spouse) Barbara Brass living a closeted life while Pat was in the military, including a tour as Chief Nurse of the National Guard at the Pentagon in 1986.  


Colonel Thompson was President of the Administrative Board that discharged me from the military.  Colonel Thompson, a lesbian, had to discharge Colonel Cammermeyer, a lesbian, for being a lesbian.  

The interplay between Serving in Silence and Surviving the Silence which is unique and prophetic.  

Both films illustrate the cost of the prohibition against homosexuals serving in the military.  Serving in Silence depicts the loss of a career, while Surviving the Silence depicts the cost of serving under such regulations.

The vindication for all who fought for open service was when there was the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell in 2010 signed by President Obama.  

The film is currently touring in film festivals hoping for national distribution at a later date.  Information on upcoming festivals can be obtained on the web site:

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