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Hot Topic:  Retaliation Lurking

For months we have been listening to the impeachment testimony and the spineless response of the Senate Republicans to vote to acquit a lying, corrupt, immoral, and vindictive president.  His wrath will now be felt as he retaliates against those who bore witness and testified to Congress.

 7 February 2020,  LTC Vindman who testified under subpoena, was fired and escorted from the White House where he was a NSA advisor.  Inexplicably, his twin brother was also removed from his position at the White House.

Ambassador, to European Union, Gordon Sondland, was also fired from post after testifying to Congress and blamed for President Trumps impeachment.

Lindsey Graham states the Republicans are planning to investigate the whistleblower who disclosed President Trumps efforts to coerce Ukraine to investigate a political rival.  He is threatening the very Whistleblower Protection Act (1989) to enable reporting of government malfeasance.  

These are dangerous times for our country.  Don't ignore history as we saw the rise of Hitler and Nazism. 

Who will be next?

 9 Feb 2020


March for Our Lives (24 Mar 2018)


Actions against gun violence have barely surfaced since the efforts of March for Our Lives two years ago.  Where are the grown ups in the room?  Where is reasonable action which gives communities a sense that someone is listening?  

So far, inaction means nothing has changed.  We are still under the influence of the NRA and not the will of the majority of citizens who believe some actions just make sense. Granted there are thousands of unregistered weapons in circulation today.  

What would be so tough about: 


Assault weapons being reserved for the military, to kill the enemy and no longer available for public purchase?​

Limit high capacity magazines? 

Background checks were required for ANYONE purchasing or selling to ANYONE prior to a weapon being transferred?

Ownership of a weapon required safe storage?

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