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Social  Justice


My own lived experiences have demonstrated how standing up against power for fairness and justice, does work.  Lambda Legal and Legal Voices were my attorney advocates against the military.  I was reinstated in the military as justice prevailed.


In 1993 Don't Ask, Don't Tell became the law of the land.  You could serve being homosexual but no one must know or you would be discharged   Thousands of us lobbied for repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.   Although it took 17 years, justice prevailed and the ban against gay service members was repealed.

Further fairness in these United States mandated same and equal treatment for homosexual couples committed as partners.  Gradual change occurred from civil unions to domestic partnership registration and ultimately full marriage equality in 2012.  

Seeing injustice or unfair treatment of individuals as a result of any characteristic or belief system requires social action by the majority to protect the minority. The hatred perpetrated against Asian Americans, people of color, or transgender individuals can not go unchallenged.

We must act by our voices, resources and political action to truly work so there is liberty and justice for all.


Grethe Cammermeyer 

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