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Our Brain and Cognitive Health

Our Aging Brain

Volume of brain decreases 

•  Especially frontal cortex

•  Declining  

  • Speed of thinking

  • Attention

  • Social inhibition


  • Multitasking more difficult

  • Normal to misplace keys or names of new person

  • Knowledge stable - sometimes improves

  • Routine memory and skills stable

Preserving Brain Function

  • No smoking

  • Moderate exercise

  • Maintain healthy diet

  • Weight control

  • Routine medical/dental care

•  Maintain cardiovascular health 

•  Blood pressure control

•  Social support network

•  Continue activities challenging brain

•  Mentally healthy

Reversable Causes of Cognitive Decline

  • Diabetes, thyroid, kidney disease

  • Medication

  • Mental health issues

  • Sleep disturbances


  • Getting lost in familiar places

  • Repetitive questions

  • Odd or inappropriate behaviors

  • Forgetfulness of recent events

  • Repeated falls or loss of balance

  • Personality change

​​More Than Normal Aging

  • Decline in planning and organization

  • Changes in diet/eating habits

  • Changes in hygiene

  •  Increased apathy

  • Changes in language ability, including comprehension

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