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Above - Protests in Seattle and Portland, Jul 2020

Below- Trump's wall collapses during high winds, Jul 2020


"What Have You Got To Lose" asks candidate Trump in the lead-up to the 2016 election

Here is what we have lost and are losing every day he is in office!


What we have seen after 3 ½ years of his Presidency is accumulative and devastating for the United States and the World.  As a country we have lost our moral compass, our values and what we have stood for as the United States.   We have lost our standing in the world as a global leader to be trusted, an ally who would support and be respected for our moral stance. We have lost our scientific edge pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of health and human services.  


The President is Commander-in-Chief and should direct actions in the United States to unify efforts to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic. The foreign invasion was the Coronavirus and the current Commander-in-Chief has been totally absent.  He has deferred leadership from the Federal Government to the States which is a dereliction of duty and a coward’s way out. Relinquishing responsibility for leadership is never an excuse.  The Buck Stops at the Desk of the President of the United States.


He has undermined the integrity and belief in every governmental agency by taking the word of a foreign dictator, Putin,  over our own security analysts.  As he has replaced heads of agencies with lackeys.   Even believers in government now to question the reliability of the sources we used to trust.


He has total disregard for public health and safety by not using mask and holding political rallies for his own reelection efforts (and ego) even as the incidence of COVID-19 spikes as never before.   


He has undermined the military by interfering in personnel actions such as denying transexual  service members to continue to serve or join the military, and by interfering in military justice decisions based on lawful judgements of misconduct.  He is influencing decisions related to careers dedicated military and civilian government employees.  He has misused the military for personal and political propaganda.  He has diverted funds intended for military readiness to building a wall with Mexico.  He used the military as pawns to his international standing threatening to withdraw troops from Europe.


He has withdrawn the United States from strategic treaties which had held a balance and control in a world full of internal conflicts and risk of nuclear buildup.  He has undermined respect for international agencies which exist to stem conflict and help manage pandemics around the world. The United Nations, NATO, WHO have all be excoriated by his rhetoric resulting in loss of faith and trust in the United States.


World trade, tariffs, open borders, sanctuaries for victims of famine and homeland terror have all been undermined by Executive Orders and rhetoric influencing and altering policies and American stance in the world.  Our farms have lost their markets,  seasonal workers, and livelihood even as Trump is trying to get China to buy more soy beans to help his reelection.


Withdrawing from the Climate Accord, having the delusion of “clean” coal industry reemerging,  undermining the clean air and water regulations, lowering gasoline standards for automobiles and opening mining in Alaska and drilling in the oceans are just a few examples of misguided policies being implemented as we try to survive this presidency.


Our mission for the next months is to rally around Candidate Biden and whomever he selects as his Vice President.  We must regain control of the Senate and maintain control of the House of Representatives.  


Our goal among others is to stop the decline, rebuild trust in our institutions and our leaders, revert back to human decency and dialogue which pulls people together for the common good.  


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GC. 5 July 2020

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