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The Military has and is a culture and family onto itself.  Those who serve (d) all share common yet unique experiences.  Questions we ask of one another is when were you in the military: when were you in, what was you specialty, where did you serve, in war, when?  Immediately we conjure up a visual picture of the place and times and what we have in common.  We don’t even have to say anything more and usually don’t.


There is a pride in having served.  The uniqueness of wearing the uniform and representing the United States is sacred.  Our uniform is our autobiography for others who can read the language understand:  your rank, what you did, when and where you served, your overseas assignments and recognition for exceptional service are reflected in the insignia and ribbons you wear.  


We wear the uniform with pride yet may be ashamed of our political stance and behavior as a country.  Currently such is the dilemma but this too must pass.  We must regain our moral compass.


Thank you for your service!

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