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March for Our Lives (24 Mar 2018)


In 800 cities around the world young people, friends and supporters marched to protest death by gun violence in schools and communities.  Their impassioned speeches and pleas for stopping the violence were spellbinding and heart wrenching.  With thousands of deaths from gun fire and hundreds of school shootings over the past 10 years these young people have known nothing but fear of their own personal safety just walking outside in their communities or being in a school room.  

Today’s youth live with constant fear of gun fire just like other generations prepared for nuclear blast and the need to shelter in place.  The difference is one threat was of international import while today’s fear of being shot is real and in their own neighborhoods.  

It is hard to fathom what to do next.  The march for our lives pleaded for action, pleaded for those in power to do something, anything to lessen the angst of going to school tomorrow and wondering who will be the next victim.


So what if: 


  • Assault weapons were reserved for the military, to kill the enemy and no longer available for public consumption?


  • Age to purchase any weapon was 21, presuming age encourages maturity?


  • Background checks were required for ANYONE purchasing or selling to ANYONE prior to a weapon being transferred?


  • Ownership of a weapon required safe storage at risk of liability of weapon is stolen or used in a crime?


  • In the next election the participants in the March for Our Lives became one issue voters and refused to vote for anyone supported by the NRA?

  • What if the grownups would act like grownups to protect their children through legislation and action to provide safer schools and communities?