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Trangender Troop Policy update (6 April 2021)

The regulations for full inclusive service will become effective 30 April 2021 consistent with the executive order of 25 Jan 2021 revoking the transgender ban.  Trangender service members can serve in their self-identified gender.

The Biden policy is virtually identical to the 2016 Obama policy.  The policy includes Retention, Accession, Transition, Medical Care, and Non-Discrimination provisions.  The additions of the Biden policy are that it applies to ROTC and academy cadets and other previso.

Currently about 15,000 transgender service members serve in all branches of the military.  The medical coast is estimated at $3 million per years versus the $41.6 million spent annually on Viagra.

Abstracted from The Palm Center memo (6 April 2021) memo regarding transgender service members

Military Transgender Policy

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